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Cable tray roll forming machine
cold roll forming machine
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Cable tray roll forming machine
Production processing
Decoiler---flatting---feeding & punchine---forming---cut-to-length---collection table.
Equipment struction introduction.
This production line may produce the cable tray, the different sizes  through the replace punching moulds to complete. Forming machine is combined and adjustable, one set of combined rollers complete all cable tray products, the change size through adjust distance of rollers to complete.
Equipment capacity
1, The production line can produce many sizes of cable tray according to producing requirement.(material steel width 100mm¡Ü¡ì¡Ü860mm)
2, Line speed:2.5-5M/min
3, Continuous forming speed:10-15M/min
4,  Steel thickness:1-2.5mm
5 , Material : MS, GI
6, The production line divide into two operations: automatic &handle. It can work with  linkage and subsection.
Equipment structure
The whole equipment consists of decoiler, ML-900 flatting device, servo feeding, JF21-200B punching, punching dies, guider, forming machine, cut-to-length device, collection table and electrical control.etc
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