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Floor panel roll forming machine
cold roll forming machine
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Roll forming craftwork
De-coiler --- Guide --- leveler --- flatting --- Punching --- Roll forming --- cutting-to-length --- collection table
Unit performance
1£¬ The thickness of material sheet: 1.5¡Ü¡ì¡Ü2.0©L
    The width of material: 250¡Ü¡ì¡Ü450©L
2£¬Product speed: 10-12m/min
3£¬ Occupy ground area:  length 30m x width 3m
4£¬Total power: about35.5kw
Equipment structure
It is making up of de-coiler, guide rack, leveler, flatting, continuously punching machine, roll forming, correction, cutting-to-length (punching), collection table, electrical control system etc.
Each part main parameter:
4¡¢1 Auto De-coiler
4£®1£®1 De-coiler:  de-coiler, Inner expanding type, capacity:5T
4£®1£®2 Drive 2KW Frequency conversion motor
4£®1£®3 Inner diameter material roll: ¡é500~¡é520mm
Outer diameter material roll: ¡Ü1600mm
4£®1£®4 Inductor automatically control feed speed
4¡¢2 Guide rack
4¡¢3 Leveler
Motor: 4KW Frequency conversion motor
4¡¢4 Flatting
Drive: 1kw Servo controlling
4¡¢5 Punching Device
Material of punching die: Cr12Mov, Quenching, Hardness: HRC58-62º
4¡¢6 Forming machine
4¡¢6¡¢1 Rack:  Cast iron torii  type,   material:HT200
4¡¢6¡¢2 Roll forming rack:  16 sets
4¡¢6¡¢3 Axis diameter: ¢70mm, material: 40Cr quenching treatment 
4¡¢6¡¢4 Material: GCr15, Quenching, Hardness: HRC58-62º
4¡¢6¡¢5 Motor power:  22KW Frequency conversion motor ZQ400 reducer
4£®7 Cutting Device
4¡¢7¡¢1 Hydraulic pressure cutting
4¡¢7¡¢2 Hydraulic pressure pump:5.5KW
4¡¢7¡¢3 Material of cutting blade: Cr12, Quenching
4¡¢8 Electronic controlling: PLC
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